Lessons learned about uncertainty

Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment
Being present in the moment is your key to
  versatility, vibrancy, and victory

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We are revisiting March 20, 2013 edition of [One Minute Report]
about ‘Lessons learned about uncertainty‘ with the following questions…

Do you know how you feel about uncertainty?

How does uncertainty make you feel?

What does uncertainty mean to you?

Here are a few more ideas about uncertainty for your consideration.


…is normal
…leads to creativity
…needs patience, resolve, and trust

Conclusions, and takeaways: Uncertainty requires time before
making decisions.

You are able to take your lessons learned about uncertainty to the
next level when you are ready to…

Ask Dr. Rae
Collaborate, and engage with others
Read The Power of Now

Bottom line: Uncertainty requires acceptance, acknowledgment,
and awareness of self!

The choice is yours!

Press this link>>> to know more about how you feel about your
lessons learned about uncertainty.

Read more >>>

What are your lessons learned about uncertainty?

As soon as you accept, and feel safe to share how your lessons
learned about uncertainty
has helped you get more done with less
distress share them below…

We encourage, and support you on your lessons learned about

[This information is intended for your knowledge only.  You must
seek prompt attention for specific conditions, and situations.]


Welcome to our service…

All about you for you to share your personal, professional, relationship,
well-being, and work-related lessons learned!

Let us know of any issues, and/or topics you want to read about below.

Thank you for your participation, and your continued readership.

Preview of Next Edition 
Lessons learned about victory [revisited]

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